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Storm Katie

As predicted, Storm Katie produced high winds here, with a peak gust at 06:02BST of 62.6kts or around 70mph. Highest sustained winds were Beaufort 7 (Near Gale)  at 28.2kts or 32.5mph.

Wind speeds during Storm Katie














Storm Katie was a classic Atlantic storm, with “bomb” or “explosive cyclogenesis” where the central pressure drops very quickly indeed, intensifying the winds around the low pressure area. At times, pressure was falling or rising by over 3hPa/hr, unusually rapid and strong.

Pressure during passage of Storm Katie














There is some discussion around this storm having a strong “sting jet” – well described here:

We have not suffered any damage, except for some small branches and twigs down in the garden, and some surface water covering part of the lawn and some borders this morning. Bins and rubbish are scattered up the road and I found someone else’s bin (thankfully empty) in my front garden (It was marked, so easy to return it). There are reports of lots of fallen trees but so far, nothing major and no reports of injury (at least yet. Let’s hope it stays that way)

This storm was fairly strong, but well within normal range for Atlantic depressions.