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Two bright meteors

Early this morning (22 Feb 2015) my camera recorded two bright meteors. These are not connected, but it after weeks of cloudy skies and very little activity when it was clear (this is the quietest time of the year for meteors) it is nice to have captured two impressive meteors.

Bright FED Meteor - 00:28 22 Feb 2015The first was at 00:28 (UTC). This is probably a February Eta Draconid meteor (see here for details of this recently discovered meteor shower) and had a magnitude of -3.4 making it about the brightest thing in the sky. The path appears to be curved because of the wide angle lens in the camera. In fact, the meteor passed almost overhead here – its path started above the North Downs and ended over the South Coast. It was still probably about 35km high when it burnt out.

Sporadic Meteor: 03:39 22 Feb 2015The second came in at 03:39 and was a sporadic – not associated with any known meteor stream. It had a magnitude of -2.9:


Both meteors show a small explosion during their path.