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Weather in 2014

The weather station began to operate in August so I do not have data on a full year yet, but I thought it might be useful to mention a few figures.


The highest temperature was 27.2C at 15:00 on 18 September and the coldest was -5.1C at 07:33 on 31 December. 18 September was the only day when the temperature was above 27C (or 80F). The highest minimum was 15.9C on 6 August ( an uncomfortably warm night) There were 13 air frosts (2 in November and 11 in December)


The strongest gust of wind was 47kts (54mph or 87kph) at 03:41 on 12 December. December was the windiest month too.


It rained on 82 days (out of 153 recorded days). Six of these days had more than 20mm rain and 49 more than 2mm (which is what most people would notice as “raining”). November was the wettest month with 156mm, but October was close behind with 147mm. The wettest day was 23 November with 29.6mm.

All the data recorded by the weather station is available online at its own web site: Complete data in table formats is available at: and here: and in graphical format here: