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Courgette flower

Despite all the rain today and Saturday, the first courgette is in flower with its huge, not quite politically correct bloom. The colour is wonderful too. It catches the eye from far away. It almost looks alien.

It is good to see that crops are on the way.

I have thoroughly enjoyed working on the garden. There are at least 40 different crops growing in the greenhouse, deep beds and some pots. I have now begun to work on the more decorative and wildlife valuable areas. I have cleared out the ivy and weeds underneath our old plum tree and have plans for that to become a woodland border. I have lots of tiny foxgloves growing in the greenhouse, which I will pot on and try to establish as self-seeders. I also want anemones, primroses and comfrey as woodland floor plants, but with garden cultivars. I am open to other suggestions too. The research is part of the fun.

There is much, much more to do. I think the huge leylandii that separate us from the railway at the bottom of the garden need to go, but I need something to act as a barrier there. Perhaps they can be drastically trimmed. The pond needs to be emptied and re-built: a huge project. There is need for fencing and for many more areas to be brought under control. We will go one step at a time.

Already though, it is a great pleasure. Simply watching the bumble bees at work, or chatting to the friendly and pugnacious Robin who follows me around out there, is a blessing.